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Aguas Calinte was absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It's extremely overpriced obviously. It's a tourist trap. Not only did we get ripped off entering the town by train only, train is the only way out. Which was even MOoORE expensive.  Go figure. We got ripped off one after the other at the many beckoning restaurants and their staff. We preferred to eat at Amaru because our 3rd floor table looked over the town square, triangle, circle, whatever it was. Lol  the food was way overpriced, but at least we knew what we were getting here. The staff was cool too. Note ,........don't be fooled by the restaurants offering the free Pisco sours. They are either hit or miss for the food. Most of the time they were a miss. Ryan's dbl  burger was weird scraps of poorly cooked mystery meat. Needless to say I loaded his system with Oil of Oregano after this meal. But when made correctly, I could live off these. They are So good. It's actually the egg yolk that makes them unbelievable. But on the other hand the markets here were extremely barter-able. I deeply regret not getting an El Paca rug/blanket here. They are so cozy and soft. It's an instinct when approached by marketers to avoid eye contact after awhile. You miss the stuff ya really would've wanted. I am trying to avoid souvenirs and extra baggage at all costs. But this I would've gladly carried.

Regardless of the touristy atmosphere, this beautiful place leads you to one of the most sacred places in the world. MACCHU PICCHU. The night before we had way too much fun. We had to be up at 4 am to make the 5 am sunrise bus. Ryan went to bed. I could NOt sleep. So I ate snacks and organized my insane backpack and slept for 20 minutes so I was not too tired to move. Macchu Picchu was one of the main things that drew me to Peru, was not missing a spec of it. 

The sleeplessness melted away with each meter that we climbed the windy dirt road to the top. As soon as it came into view from the rising sun my heart and soul was beaming, and it didn't stop till well after we got down to the bottom of the mountains again that evening. MACCHU PICCHU IS UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!  It is the most magical place one could ever even imagine. To start, the clouds shroud the valley and the peaks in the very early morning hours, and slink into different places at different times as the sun rises. ( it is evident is so many ways, in this sacred town, why the people of the sun worshipped this burning ball of life) . The more the sun heats the mountains, the quicker you can see the clouds rising and dispersing. Due to the height of the ruins, and the fact that it is built above the rushing Urubamba River below, they re-create themselves and disappear throughout the day. Only adding to the magic. 

We started our day with the upper ruins, and wanted to run and jump and fly off all of the endless, abruptly ending mile high terraces. We decided to have our breakfast at a corner nook where we could eat privately and enjoy the mile++++ drop below. And accept where we were, without the high traffic crowd which were about to hoard. After this we trekked to the Puente Inca. ( ancient Incan Bridge) . It was jaw dropping and truly surreal. It was such a small walking space and such a straight drop it gave us the tingly, high up, no feeling so many times. But we continued to creep onto these jutting edges for pics sake. FOR PIIIICS SAKE! Lol  the drop was IN-TESE ! Loved it. Suddenly my fear of heights was uninhibited due to the energy still pulsating through this sacred place. And imagining it functioning in history,.....fearlessly. . This was truly God's country. Not only geographically, but definitely spiritually enhanced. The Inca's were superior builders. Their energy runs through every perfectly cut and placed stone in this sacred city. 

From every scary ledge, to giant chill rocks, to small chill rocks, to protruding side ( stairs of death style) stones protruding on already existing walls, to huts and viewpoints, and most places containing all of these in one; we knew we would have to travel far and wide to find anything that would ever compare to this again...... On top of this, the El Paca's roam the terraces as workers. It's truly an unbelievable sight. Hahaha. They have names and numbers and act as lawn mowers to the ancient terraces. And have roped off work areas. What a great job!! Imagine your favourite food grew from the ground, all over your jobsite, and your reward was to eat it , just to keep the place clean for the touring people from all over the world. Who paparazzi'd  you like a celebrity while doing it. Lmao amaziiiiing. The faces they make are ridiculous. So conceited . Like mini-sheep-camels chewing peanut butter. Still lmao. ...... I eventually kept saying " the name is Paca, Albert Paca. But you can all me Al" . Eventually it became - Al - Paca - Chino -. Which I said was an Italian actor. Ryan said it was a specialty, Andean coffee. Lol either way it's amazingly funny. 

After a lovely break , and meeting an amazingly funny couple at the even more over priced cafe, we continued to the Sun Gate hike. This was gradual and pant evoking.  On top of the altitude. The hike was MORE than worth it. After 45  minutes-ish, we climbed to the very top of the highest slippery rock that we could. Looking down on the other satisfied tourists ( only with a much more satisfied look on our faces) , and just absorbed what seemed to be the top of the world...... (Inhaaaaaale,......exhaaaaaallleeeeee) . From here we climbed into a cave which continued higher to a cliff. We found a path where we brought the Chauchilla Pre-Incan Nazca bones and unwrapped them. We lit the white candle, and I said my appreciation prayer to the lost souls, and sun gods. We set the bones free and left them here. I poured some vino tinto as an offering, peered the private cliff, and were on our way back down the Sun Gate's descent. This was in need of a celebratory Pisco sour break ;-P . 

We met another funny couple in view of Dinosaur mountain at the cafe. ( personally ask me of why we named the mountain this lol ) after the break we went to the actual Macchu Picchu city ruins. The endless, perfect architecture was breathtaking ( not Seinfeld baby breathtaking lmao, like actually !) Nooks and crannies and cliffs , oh my ! The stone placement at that altitude is mind baffling. Just the absolute wonder and mystery makes the entire sight a mindfuck.  Salut to the bravery and efficiency of the short lived Incan people. This truly is a masterpiece that will live in in their honour for the rest of our time on this earth...... When I got to the top for the first time I almost cried happy tears ,......okay who am I kidding. I for sure did. Lol ;)  this was something everyone's bucket list needs and deserves.  This day will forever live in my mind , heart and soul. Thank you to the god's for the eye opening experience of a lifetime. 

We took the Expedition train straight back to Cuzco. What a beautiful ride through the Sacred Valley. Only this time? In the dayliiiigt. Yaaayyyy. The trigger happy Cess got on the case again. The amazing crew from Albequerque, New Mexico we met from the  Ollantaytambo ruins was seated around us. They were so cool. So many Breaking Bad jokes, ...oooobviouslyyyy. I sat across from this girl named Shi-Ing from China. She was a Buddhist . From Beijing. Her named translated to Crystal....( the Breaking Bad jokes continued....lmao obvi) She actually gave Crystal gifts to other spiritual people! Bradley from Albequerque got a Smiling Buddha and a quartz(crystal). She dug through her superiorily  woven bag and pulled out what I feel to be my totem signature. A pink cat crystal!!!! I always knew,...but WOW!!!!! What an on point unconscious prediction. I am still in shock. Bradley confirmed I needed no shaman. This was my totem. :):):):) 

We took a a collectivo back to Cuzco. We stayed at the Pirwa Backpackers Farmiliar once again. It was just as convenient as the first time. We returned to the Muse that night. Unfortunately Ryan got pickpocketed for his new IPhone 5.  Sadly the nicest , touchiest, people are the riskiest. We still love the Muse and met amazing people there, but kept the guard up. I knew better than to have open pockets, but who thinks they will slip into your pants?!!! Needless to say this is Ryan were talking about and he doesn't care, nor will the loss of material possessions ever  affect his well being or happiness in an adventure such as this. Admirable I must say. Just like all of the struggling people who co-inhabitat this earth ( rather than the Western world we are so accustomed to) .  

After leaving Cuzco , we took a plane to Lima once again. The flight was filled with Andean mountain tops which seemed to almost touch the plane at points . We are currently in Lima. We searched for a cheap bargain, but I finally had had enough of the ' unsanitary ness ' And stayed at the Red Psycho Llama hostel. After much language barriers, helpful staff at the Lion Hostel helped us to find private romms elsehwere. This place is the tits!!!  Rooftop terrace, matrimonial is what I got, to myself .  Amazing. Ryan got the rooftop Terrace 4 person room. With no one checking in !  They have a massive Tila Tequila tv/DVD / cushion board game  area! I want this in my house. The cushion pad, the terrace. Everything!  Here we will remain until our 30 hour Cruz Del Sur VIP bus thru the Northern coastline to Tumbes , and eventually Guayaquil to Ecuador. Wish me protection and never ending protected white light thoughts while I travel the sketchiest bus trip ever taken for me personally. Lol love for all. C

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  1. I was so waiting for the Macchu Picchu news! Dude gods country indeed. I can almost picture you there from all the famous photos of that sacred spot..Every step there is a gem that you will carry with you for the rest of your journey that is life :)