Sunday 16 March 2014

Most Amazing Vacation Pics Snorkelling Galapagos!

So after a long and amazing vacation I finally have the bandwidth and time to upload some amazing visual to compliment the stories, wild times, incredible memories and life changing experiences:

Saturday 8 March 2014

The aftershock

             Some go by the saying home is where the heart is. But I disagree. I believe home is where the people that you love are and the places that you know. The heart lies in the adventure of discovering the places that you don't. I left my heart in South America somewhere. At Macchu Picchu, on Isabela island Galapagos, on the beaches of San Andres, in the Cocorra Valley Salento, flying high over the mountain tops on a paraglider over the Chicamocha Canyon. My home is my home.  It came to a point of about 4 months when thoughts of missing the company of those I love at home floated through my awe filled brain. Now that I am here, I wish the reality of life at home was something else. Somewhere else. Anywhere else. But the reward of surviving reality and all of it's tasks is the opportunity to go find my heart  in another new adventure. It's more accurate to say, that my heart carries a piece of all of these new beautiful experiences with it. Wherever I go I have the blessing of feeling lucky for a variety of new insights. To learn the customs of others and explore unimaginable landscapes in places I can only poorly visualize.This has been an experience of a lifetime and has left me thirsty for more. The swift skill of charting spontaneous unknown territory and executing plans with ease and strength in challenging locations , while ensuring each destination displays a new experience and a more impressive feast for the eyes. While also guaranteeing a unique local experience and a variety of jaw dropping sights to absorb.............on a budget. This is a gift I wasn't sure I had . I am happy to have been able to share it. With Ryan, with the amazing people I met, with the amazing animals i met, and also with those following my adventure.
         Please keep sharing my stories with friends and family. I will be reading this online journal for years to come. While in the meantime I will be plotting and saving for my next world exploration adventure. Now that I have learned a few lessons, maybe my backpack will be smaller this time,...................maybe not ;-P.