Thursday 5 December 2013

On the move again

After spending 3 days at the Red Psycho Llama in Lima, I am happy to be back on the road again. New day = new adventure. On the sketch bus, which i took a vip ticket on, making it much less sketchy. But I saved a tonne by deciding to take a 30 + hour bus instead of a short plane ride. It is currently 5:48 in the am. I have been on the bus since 2:45 pm yesterday. Lol I couldn't sleep . Like at all.  So I have been awaiting the sunrise. Only to find out the amount of dirt accumulated on the window for the past 15 hours has blocked the view I have been desperately looking forward to. And I mean desperatelyyyyy lmao w/e half way there and that's good enough of a triumph for me. :)  I believe Mancora is our last stop before the Tumbes, border in to Ecuador. I should reach Guayaquil this evening sometime. Then to Montanita from there. Yaaayyyyyyy. Beach town for a few days.  Ugh damn dirty window. I wanna hop out at Mancora and do a quick spit shine peek hole for entertainments sake. Lol  

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