Saturday 14 December 2013

success followwed by unsuccess

It has been awhile since my last post. I made a successful transfer on the amazing bus which I built up in my head to be sketchy. It was not at all. Like I mentioned earlier, Cruz Del Sur is a palace. The bus was quite alright indeed. A 32 hour adventure of life experience. The border agents were actually quite pleasant, and I did indeed hop out at Mancora and spitshine myself a hole to peek through. We arrived in Guayaquil at about 11;30 PM. Haha Unfortunately upon arrival not one single ank machine worked for us at allllll. A slight panic incurred. After much frustration and diligence at the mall we arrived at, we finallllllyy got a machine to work.
We continued onto Montanita with a great couple. Shout out to Curt and Dana! lol They attempted to help to transfer my pictures to my Ipad with an amazing device that my old, beaten Ipad would not accept. Yaaarrrrrrgh. Unsuccess. On top of that, in Montanita,.........alas,...........wait for it, brand new amazing camera and the memory card of our whole trip was stolen. Right from under my nose. Damn Caipirinha´s !!!! I lost almost all documentation of the most amazing experience of my life. So it is now up to my memory to recap these times and experiences through words and thoughts. Montanita is this awesome surfer town. Small, crime ridden, but so cool and beautiful. The most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. Wish I coulda shown them. Also wish I was techier so I had known some online way to back them up without all of this heartbreak occurring. I guess it was meant to be. Waahhhh. After meeting a bunch of cool people, we couldn´t wait to get the hell outta there. The times were too good if ya get my drift. The camera situation soured me deeply. On top of the fact that the only 2 bank machines in the entire town were a nightmare. For us and everyone else. If only they realized that in order to keep people in your town, and keep them spending money, you actually have to put money inside the actual machines . lmao And maintaining them wouldn´t hurt either. This enables them to actually read magnetic strips. The only way to get money was a $30US cab to the next town where you crossed your fingers and hoped . I stayed at Hostel Esperanto in Montanita which had a hammock on the 4th floor which looked over the ocean. I stayed there just for you mom. I felt the breeze and had an afternoon nap while thinking of you. That I liked. But the maid took a $20US off of my nightstand. lol that I didn´t like. At Ryans hostel there were a few hammocks. So we had bumper banana hammock wars. It was awesooooome. We had some good times there for sure.

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