Monday 23 December 2013

Please never let me leave

I was on a 2 day tour and decided to stay with the host family. This quaint welcoming little place was called Casa Becerro Puebla. It was owned and run by Marco and Theresa Becerro. They were the warmest host family i could hope for. They were efficient, kind, patient and fun. i eventually went from calling them "Madre & Padre" to just "Ma and Pa"It was so awesome. I had my own "bedroom" with a wonderful breakfast. Breakfast was served every morning at 7 when Ma (lol) would go to her unbelievable garden and pick fresh fruit for her starter salad ( guavas, apples, bananas, watermelon, and something else i forget the name of) Their casa was very close to the beaches and I literally walked to sunbathe and swim in various locations with the freshly bred sea lion colonies and giant sea turtles for 3 extra days. 
     Ryan eventually joined me after I did some post tour recon. The second day I went to Kicker Rock and swam the channel. The wet suit snorkelling began with a massive majestic sea turtle against the deep blue ocean floor. As the sun rays shone down between the jutting rock formation, I saw one. A shark. I was exhilarated . One shark emerged. So slick he was with his light grey exterior. Then there were 10! Then there were 30 !  It was truly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. They feed on sea lions in the morning , and choose not to eat till they are hungry much later in the evening. There were 2 kinds. White tipped sharks and black tipped Galapagos sharks i believe. These are endemic to the Galápagos Islands. 
       After a truly amazing day snorkelling near massive rocks, my tour went to the most beautiful beach in San Cristobal hands down. It was a white sand beach that stretched across a beautiful cove . It was nestled between huge lava formed cliffs. There were even more colonies of sea lions. Many mothers feeding their pups. Then I walked by an awkward site of a mother feeding a pup almost larger than her.  Had to cock my eyebrow and be like ; geez buddy , you can actually fish for yourself now lmao you really gotta start thinking about leaving the nest. There were only scheduled groups of tourists to this boat access only, piece of paradise. The colonies were much more comfortable with their surroundings. And therefore much quirkier. It was at this point my iPod still worked and I played my ' track of the trip '............
........ - Tritonal, Still With Me - it reminds me of those that i loved I have lost and those my loved ones have lost and the beauty that surrounds me. At this beach, after this day, I cried happy tears to this song as i sipped on Caña. Like utter joyful and free exhilaration . When we had to leave, it was far too soon. I was left in tranquil state of awe . I returned back to the Casa Becerro Puebla where I was welcomed by ma and pa warmly once again. When Ryan arrived we went to a bay called "Cerro Tijeretas" this absolutely beautiful secret gem to snorkel where we got a private tour from my previous guide . It was unreal. Ryan saw his first sea turtle swimming gracefully and fearlessly. I was pleasantly approached by a very playful friendly sea lions with my friend Katy from Perth.  They danced around me in unison. the way they swim in 360 degree effortless freedom almost mad me cry again. The absolute freedom of their movement is mesmorizing. The younger ones stay to the side of their mothers and mimic the exact movement. Spins and everything. The one swam at top speed directly towards my face and stopped a half foot in front , and swam directly under me and through my legs while the other two criss crossed in front of me and spun simultaneously around me from left to right almost in figure 8's. Is that picturable? . After Ryan's first turtle one of them kissed  me underwater right up to my snorkel mask. I closed my eyes! (Lmao this was only because I figured it thought I got too close to the baby and it was coming to bite my face off) it then spun around my floating weightless body several times before doing acrobats away. It was completely uninhibited and if anything playing with me and giving me love too. In this location it a must to climb to the look out points and Frigate Bird Hill and go off the beaten path. it is hands down the best sunset i have ever seen in my life!!!! Just clear skies! And the glistening Pacific Ocean with colours that painted themselves in motion. I sat at the most jutting edge of the lookout point and stared down a very huge cliff I paid 0 attention to. The sun was complete zen. I am IN LOVE WITH THE GALAPAGOS!!!!! I never wanna leave. 
      The sea lions literally took over the town of Puerto Maquerizo Moreno at night. It was a sight to see. They crowded the pier and parks. They used the playground slides, they passed out on benches, and yelled all night. Haha it was a ridiculous sight to see. Lemme tell you. On Isabela island one was even laying on a backyard couch!. I am literally expecting one to be the boat captain or the tour guide next hahahah wowwww.  P.s. F the way certain locals treat them. There should be MUCH MUCH more awareness made towards this horrific situation.  Argh , but nonetheless I love them all and the gifts that their natural states brought to my world. 
       After leaving San Cristobal  I returned to Santa Cruz. Spent a few days here while we tried to book some tours. Everything was booked. So we decided to make our own day trips for free to Tortuga Bay again. And then Las Greitas. This is a grotto of a mix of fresh and salt water. It is a deep canyon shaped solid volcanic rock swimming hole. With huge cliffs to dive from! I mean jump, or flip or whatever. We swam around beneath the huge closed in walls and  watched the gutsy local boys do tricks . I decided to cliff dive so Ryan could film me with them. I swam to their water point of entry  to their high perch . It was then I realized what I was about to do. It was a almost straight up rock climb of small crevices you had to really grip with your wet hands. I had to watch a young local boy do it first so I knew where to hold and step. It was disturbingly slippery. After half way up I looked down to see my progress. Mistake. I got the no feeling, but was already almost there. I forgot that these were like 13-16yr old local boys! I am a 155 lb 30 yr old foreign woman! Lmao I am definitely not in the shape they were in. But I prevailed, and got to the top with a sweating grin of relief. I jumped with joy. So happy that Ryan filmed. But wait,....he actually didn't,......sooooo I had to go through this process again. The thrill of free climbing is amazing. As long as you have a safe way down. Because that is the sketchy part really. Water grotto was the best way I can think of. Lol really. 
      After this we went to our rooftop massive space in Hostal Lirios Del Mar. Beautiful rain poured down on us as we looked over the ocean bay of Puerto Ayora and the mountains in the jungle on the other side. I love these moments. So much. The rain is so cleansing. To the earth and many souls as well. Even if they don't know it ;). 
       The next morning we took a water taxi to Isabela island. The drive was IN-SANE. Just wow. We rode the top, just as planned. The Captain was the shit!!! He was not only pleasant, but a 25 yr vet of the rough seas. The seas were incredibly intense. The sky was red that morning . Very red.  And ya know what they say about that. Well it's true! The swells were huge. I had to hold on for dear life once again as to not completely fly off of the top of the  speedboat. Only this time I finally had Ryan with me ! Making it much more fun and just an experience to remember. Feeling absolute pity for the poor souls who were down below (which was everyone but us). But not those onnthe outer back. those inside the cabin. The captain let Ryan and I steer the boat for pictures sake. And not only this. At one point the captain gave me a quick tap on the back and gestured towards his chair. Then he waved goodbye and crept down the ladder to the bottom deck!!!! I was like wtf?! Omg! So I jumped in the captains chair and steered the thrashing speedboat of like at least 20 passengers through the Pacific towards Isabela island! Steering through giant swells of sometimes 5 metres high! Jesus Christ. In the rainy weather and the aggressive water and my exaggerated imagination it was the 'Perfect Storm'  lmao all we could think was ; "what must the passengers below in the  deck think while the captain uses the baño, and chats with the boat skipper?!"  As they thrash over and over in nausea? Hahaha that no one is driving the boat at all? Because I am 100% positive they were definitely NOT thinking that I was the only one driving it. But fml that was definitely the case. Loving life I am.  Wow . We arrived in Isabela with happy grateful hearts. Rattled and excited for more. 


  1. Cess we're having a great time rdg this at the cottage, love hearing about these amazing adventures. We decided you're the bravest one in the family lol.. keep living life to the fullest!

  2. Ugh I miss you all so much it's crazy. I get a fear tear from time to time but I keep pushing. I need this. So thank you for saying that. It's good to have a pat on the back from time to time. ;) LOVE LOVE and more LOVE beautiful baby sis. Xxxxxxooooooo. P.s. your my hero too ;- P lol