Tuesday 26 November 2013

Sacred Valley

After leaving Hotel Sol, we went straight to Aguas Caliente where we are now. We arrived last night. Nothing will compare to that hotel room again. Just nothing. It was my splurge once night. So back to hostel life it is. We are staying atvAngie's hostel in Aguas Caliente after arriving in the backpackers train last night. (Expedition)  it was dark, so we didn't see the Sacred Mountains till the morning. The wait was well worth it. My window opens to a MASSIVE mountain face. Like just massive all around you. Nestled inside of God's country while they watch over you. Silently and majestically . Tomorrow is Macchu Picchu!!!!! Omg omg omg. We have to be up at 3:30 am to successfully catch the sunrise and the 5 am bus. Insane. I cannot wait . I am just honoured to be here and I thank the universe for leading me in this direction. I feel free. And it is beautiful in so many ways. From the land , to the people, to the mystery, to the spiritual guidance. This is by far one of the  most amazing journeys one can take. This whole planet is. It's much bigger than what surrounds us. There is so much more than our cars, homes, jobs, city, town, and stress factors. Life is out there, it's grabbing by the balls and just living it that makes the difference. Talk after Macchu Picchu. What whaaaattt! 


  1. So I tried to look up the place your staying in......I can't find it. Hope your at a legit place lol Tomorrow's journey looks interesting! There is sooO much to see of the world and we haven't seen anything close to it! You on the other hand, are getting "VIP"!! As always safe journey to Ryan and yourself xo

  2. I heard you made it to the top of Macchu Picchu! Mom called me right after you spoke with her so we could all share the moment with you. Thinking about you standing at this pinnicle of culture, history, spirituality and adventure is moving...What an experience in your lifetime Cess! We're all back here talking about how awesome it is and cheering you on :) Love you so much!

  3. Crap! I was logged in as you because Marg and Nike had tried to make comments and couldn't so I wanted to check the comment moderation in the backend to see if they need to be approved or not..i didn't see them there for the record...but ughh sorry that comment above was confusing! also holy crap your blog has 620 page views!