Wednesday 20 November 2013

New ting a Gwan lol

 Aw Caroline. Don't be sad. Being spiritually and mentally free is a wonderful thing. I and everyone deserves that . I have passed through Nazca. We stayed with Alfredo's brother Mickey. He was waiting there for us , package in hand lmao. He was so amazing. Gotta love the cartel links. They ALWAYS know what's going on. Haha which is surprisingly comforting when your struggling. His place was comfortable and homely. He had a family and a dog who had a puppy who I fell in love with.  He was so small, clumsy and cute. Here we met 2  girls named Lisa and Martina who were amazing. Our new Port Credit friend we Met in Huacachina was waiting in the cab already! I was in udder shock. He has been the third amigo ever since.

In Nazca, we were honoured with the true experience of seeing pre Incan tombs that were 1100 years old. Their chambers were excavated at an archaeological dig site called Chauchilla. They were buried with their families and their offering to the gods and afterlife survival and they had looooong dreads and some were buried with babies. There were SOOOOO many bones scattered over as far as he eye can see., amongst mineral rich mountains. Yes tonnes of gold under them. Arturo our amazing tour guide let us take 1100 year old human bones with us!! So now I am carefully carrying around a human skull piece and a femur. Ryan has a baby's scull and adult armbone.  Originally i had intended for them to come home with us and have the best souvenirs you can ever imagine. Their story's would live on through us. Their journey would be a part of our journey. And they would never die. Only be a legend till the end of my time, and my next generation ( very loosely said while wiping sweat off my brow)  But upon much thought and pondering options i cannot predict, i would feel absolutely rotten from the core and universally cursed if those bones were to ever be stuck at a border crossing with customs. The Ecuadorian, then Galapagos ( strictest ), El Salvadorian, or Canadian (who would be the chillest ) most likely) so I have made a final decision to take them on our journey and leave them at Macchu Picchu . I will have a prayer for them before I offer them to the gods; as close to heaven as they ever could've even imagined to go. It is there I will set them free and their story will live on in my mind ( and this blog haha) knowing they weren't left at some awful government run power junkie border crossing with agents that could give a fuck about the universal balance of spituality and karma.  After doing this we went to an Ancient pottery making seminar. I loved it! Ryan and Alex were like "um cooooollll, yeeeaaahhhh, mmmmmhmmmm ( eye roll) " . The techniques were so amazing and natural I held a shiny in tact bowl that was 2000 years old. Andre was great. Then guess what me n Ryan did in a private Cessna?! Yeah I said it! Cessss- naaaaa.  The Nazca Lines !!!!!! ( so many inside jokes about those with all the other travellers as you can imagine ;) ;)  ) The alien precision of these amazingly large masterpieces was unreal. The view of the desert mountains and vast landscape from the little plane was incredible. Permanent smile. Bucket list= check.  The pilots dip and spin as to see them better. We hit an air pocket and smashed our heads during a left down spin. All I could do was laugh so hard and hold my stomach which was in my throat. AMAZINGGG !!! It was sad to say goodbye to Mickey's hostel house of Nazcarinha ( pitcher : one 26er of Nazca rum, freshly squeezed passion fruit , crunchy gooey seeds and all, freshly squeezed Nazca farmed limes ) happy hours of good energy and drunken laughs. But on to Arequipa we went.

This was a 10 hour bus ride down the Peruvian southern coast. Let me tell you there is no other coastline quite like this in the world. It was so so diverse. And so beautiful I coulln't sit still. So trigger happy on the cam. As all of these landscapes I pass through are not even explainable through words or even pictures. They are SO HUgE and SO VAsT I feel like I am in God's country. The BC feeling times a million . This bus ride was 11 hours. But Cruz Del Sur is a palace compared to any bus line I have ever been on, If I wasn't so security conscious, it would be perfect lol.  We stayed at Le Foyer hostel when we arrived at 1am. We tried to get into the Wild Rover where our other friends were, but they were full! The 4 of us were like stray dogs at the door with all our stuff , peering through security to the fun we could hear. " like please sir , all we ask is a small corner, just one drink por favor" he was like "ummmm no " lol after experiencing the 'party hostel' for the 2 next days we were happy to be back at Le Foyer after the Colca Canyon. They treat you like the drunken kids that filter through that place daily. I am an adult, and demand respect and freedom to make my own decisions dammit . Lmao but from here we went to the Colca Canyon . It was so beautiful I cannot describe it in words. We opted out of the 2 day trek because I got hit the worst case of altitude sickness ever. That shit is NO JOkE. Haha so sadly enough we had to opt out of the trek and do a tour instead . But by fluke we spent the night in Chivay. A stepping stone into the Canyon. There are little to no tourists here. At all. They were in traditional Peruvian attire, working their asses off. A true farm hamlet nestled in the canyon. It's as deep as the Grand Canyon but not as wide or red layered with shale obvi. We got to experience the town, the people, the extraordinary children who had not been tainted by knowledge of what the Americans did to these people, the people who were aware of this and glared at us, and the people just like us who were just existing peacefully. Knowing deeper that people are not their colour or racial history. We ate at a wood burning fireplace  restaurant, where the best food we had so far was. I tried El Paca! I feel guilty, but i don't regret it. I had to get down with the customs of the people hosting us. here we saw an enchanting flute band and authentic dancing that displayed the deeply dark, and sinister past of the Chivay people. It was soooo eerie and cool. This fluke was just what I needed. No-one gets to do that. A market full of traditionally dressed farm women and men. Weighing coca leaves for tea ( which helps the altitude at which they live in most of this country)  the Canyon was INSANE! Again no words of the size and majestic beauty. The terraces are still in use and farmed on. They are endless. Plateaued across , miles upon miles, of untouched peaks and river. It is here we witnessed the rare endangered Andean condor. With a wingspan of like 3 metres. Give or take depending on the age.  I even got 2 on film . Soaring high in their kingdom of heaven. Guarding giant nests on mountain tops. Searching for rodents to feed their young. Wow! Just wow! An honour.  We had the best ceviche you could even imagine in Arequipa before leaving obviously...Wow 

I am currently on the bus to Puno and Lake Titicaca. The drive was once again spectacular. Not even sure if I will even hop a plane till I switch countries now. It truly is all the rage guys. And ya know I know whaddup. ;-P  so trust when I say this is no greyhound . Tonight we will stay in Puno to tour the Lake tmrw and witness the people who live on the Bolivian border on islands completely made of floating reeds. The huts, the tools, the boats, the furniture, all reeds! Cuh-razyyy. I love you all so much and Caroline thanks for the info genius did not even tell me, but found a way to bitch about. Pffftttt. Ur the only person who commented so far. So keep it up. I was so happy to see someone commented and cared lmao. Love you xoxoxoxo talk soon. peace . Love n happiness to all. 

*** dogs as crews like homeward bound***


  1. You for sure sound like your in places people dont go lol I cant even say half the places you've been!! This is truly an unreal life experience. Sorry to hear you have been sick on this remarkable journey of yours, but im sure you overcame that as quickly as possible to continue. You have soooo many memories/experiences already (jealous) Nothing is goin on here, just the day to day madness i choose to surround myself with :p Otherwise all is good here, happy to hear all is VERY good there. More safe travels to you and Ryan as well! My tears are happy ones for you :D Love you too, until the next blog!!!

  2. This blog was such an awesome idea! Cess you're a great blogger, I can hear you through yoru words and see through your eyes there :) It makes me so happy to think about you out in the world on all these crazy adventures! Cecille: Rough and Tumble - you're new reality series hahaha. Nike was trying hard to comment on the blog too, not sure if she figured it out hahaha. Aww be safe and keep telling us about your journeys!