Tuesday 26 November 2013


Wellllll helloooooo my beloved missed faithful followers. We took the bus from Arequipa to Puno. It was absolutely beautiful. Buses are the way to go around here by far. So much to see with eyes open wide.

Puno was a bit of hunt for service. Cheap service. I miss the Nazca Inn days where Mickey was waiting for us with our names, and our whole travel package ready at a discount. Puno was unsafe feeling, and felt like Gringo Alley was the only safe place at night. It was awesome though. The best part about Lake Titicaca was the bus ride into it. According to the word of other travellers, the floating islands were a sham. That there is no possible way that these people live there. Lol . They work hard at making it look like they work hard. The children are made to look like their cooking all day. Taquile Island is said to be beautiful though. We missed the very slow moving boat tour. We ended up going to bed because we spent the night rain dancing on the rooftop invoking lightning in a massive storm. So effing worth it. Alex confirmed the travellers feedback. Thank god because I was so disappointed in myself until i heard that. Lol When we tried to leave , the front door guy locked us in and demanded more money. Lmao we had a bus to catch, and the lady"mujer" at the front desk. She said we were good. Word of advice, always get people to give you a signed receipt. Lesson learned. There weren't easily findable volunteer options in this town ;) .

From Puno we continued on to Cusco. Here we stayed at the Pirwa Backpackers Farmiliar. The people were friendly, accommodating, and the price was great! The place was clean and convenient and I recommend it to anyone. 25 soles per person. We stayed here for the morning bus arrival sleep. Plus 2 nights sleep. I'll just say it right now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CUSCO !!! It is so amazing. There is crime sure, but just be smart and the beautiful people here will jump right out to you . We had lunch at Paddy's Pub. Shopped some market. And got a flyer for The Muse Bar. Our favourite female band from Spain ( that we saw and loved in Huacachina ) happened to be playing! It was amazing. The coziest place where we drank Pisco sours and listened to the band. All the tables had crayons and blank paper. So you could colour while you interacted with the band playing . This is one of my favourite nights. This is the second place I jumped on the mic. Such good feedback. Wow. I gave the girls who played the picture I drew. And we danced all night. I had a dance off. It was amazing!!! Ryan, Alex and I had the time of our lives that night. Memorable forever. The DJ was absolutely amazing. Peruvian bass dubbed me up yo. Lol if anyone gets that hahah. AMAZING. Big up the Muse fo life . We had a great dinner the next night and the following day ate from an amazing French Crepe nook. Then we got a nice scarf for the bones to be carried in and a white candle to burn for them.

From Cusco we took a collectivo(10soles) best deal so far. A distraught man tried to pull the bus over with a giant shank. Haha in a very bad area. It was menacing let me tell you. But all the driver had to do was accelerate and leave the man in the rear view,......lol but still. Menacing none the less. We arrived in Ollantaytambo the night of the 24th. ( Oilytaytambo ...ppaaaahhhhhh ) this was the one of the ' must stay ' hostel nights. The Hotel Sol is un-be-lievable!!! We had a terrace over the Urabamba river. Looking straight at the ruins! It was so so so nice I never wanted to leave. To river ran so loud. And the mountains were giant gods jutting from every direction!!! The beauty of the descent intothe sacred  Valley is once again....Indescribable in words. We free climbed the ruins with no harnesses to its most jutting points. Only after when we came down did we realize that we were definitely not allowed on the 'danger parts' of the mountain ruin face. After this this they attempted to lead us down a blocked path. Lol needless to say we declined this option using the language barrier and zipped down the ruin to the bottom as quick as we could as not to pay some sort of under the table fine.

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