Thursday 14 November 2013

Finally got somewhere safe to iPad .

Uunnnnnhhkayyy. So i have had Internet troubles as Chandi told you. And pulling this thing out is ris-kaayyyyy. Lol I have passed through Lima, and went to Paracas. A beach town on the West coast.  There I cruised the Ballestas Islands and went to Paracas National Reserva Park.mthe beauty of this country and all of it's hidden gems are truly shockingly beautiful. Saw a sea lion ripping a giant bird apart while all of his bitches yelled really loud. Lmao it was amazing . Nature at its rawest. Can't wait to get to the Galapagos and swim with some Snoop Lions. Hahaha

I then travelled straight to Huacachina in the province of Ica. It's a desert Oasis. Holy effing beautiful !!! You are able to volunteer pretty much anywhere you stay. But this doesn't always occur. Because everyone needs their space, and the volunteer dorms are for 8-10 ppl. We stayed at Hostel Soler in Paracas. Thanks to our friend Alfredo. Kokopelli hostel is where it's at though. Right on the beach and always jammin. I got onstage and performed a freestyle reggae rap with them. It brought the house down. Haha (tootin the ol horn) . The Oasis is where I extreme dunebuggy'd and sand boarded. Jesus H Christ!!! ( no idea what the h stands for) I have done some very terrifying things in my lifetime. No deets. Walked around the cn tower on a see through 5 foot platform. And this day was by far the scariest day of my entire life!!! I will never be right again. I thought 100% I was dead at least 100 times. Sheeeeer terrrrooorrrr. I was a laughing stock. Picture the Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland x like 7 and add a psychotic driver and broken seatbelts and a completely open loose vehicle . Hahah I pretty much cried. These dunes were incredible!!!! Like the size of the Rocky Mountains . And endless desert with sand you could sleep in its so soft and Kushy. Needless to say this was Ryan's favourite day. The Oasis was SOoooo beautiful. That's when it clicked where I actually was.

I am currently in Nazca and awaiting 2 tours to Chauchilla cemetery, Incan Gold extraction, Pottery making, and the Nazca lines!!!!! Thanks to Mickey, Alfredo's brother. I am scared of the thought of this plane, lol but I can survive anything after the sandboarding/ dunebuggy trip. Juuuuuustttt a day of ABSoLuTe TErRoRRRR. I will check in again soon. Lots of love all y'all. And yes I am fine. More than fine. .... I am FReE. And that is a feeling that is bringing tears to my eyes as we speak. Xoxo


  1. Love it!! Good to hear from you, I'm Def. Check'n everyday to see what amazing things your doing :) future note....dont make me cry! That last part got to me

  2. I'm so relieved and excited to read this! First glad you figured it out and second glad your found a safe spot to blog! Looking forward to all your upcoming updates and adventures! Remember to travel safe! and ps. you can upload photos too :) love you!