Monday 3 February 2014


   Well , we are far past San Gil. Our last day there we went to the Juan Curi waterfall. It was spectacular. We climbed very high, very quickly. For some reason on the path's were supposed to follow,....or not follow,....we keep ending up accidentally climbing mountains. Straight up. ..... Literally. Haha. But to end up at waterfalls like this? I would strand myself daily. We decided to swim in the ice water right where the ' water falls' the giant spiders were pissed we discovered their nook. 
      Our plan was to go to Venezuela . To see Angel Falls. The highest falling water in the world. Then to go to Margarita Island and Parque National Mochima. But unfortunately when we arrived in Cucuta we got malled. I have never had that many hands near me in my life . We changed as much as we could into Bolivars and some American dollars. Once we reached the Frontera ( border ), things got worse. It was clear to us that we were not welcome. And that the 50 people trying to illegally sneak is through was a sign. Not to mention trying to shove us in their vehicles. It's sad to say the political situation  there is not safe whatsoever at the moment. Especially for us. So we turned around while standing on the 800 meter walk through no man's land on the way to San Cristobal,Venezuela. I really wanted to see the beauty that Venezuela holds, and volunteer in any way possible, but sometimes my adventurous soul has to stop the trek somewhere. We were far outta the way when we made this decision. 
      We spent the day in Cucuta waiting for the bus to Santa Marta. We took the night bus. The 11 hour ride was slightly unnerving. It was a long and extended mountain cliff composed of rubble and MASSIVE drops. In the middle of the nowhere night. Lol I feel silly now, but at the time I was a wee bit terrified ;-P. I really wish I could have seen it in the daylight. The peaks were so high. Looming over us majestically. There's no counting the amount of times the bus came to barely a crawl. Just to not burst a tire on the jutting rocks or slide off the edge. Lol needless to say it was hard catch any shut eye. I was like a lemur constantly making a sight spot on the condensed window glass. Just to get a grasp of why it felt like we were rolling through a washing machine lol. 

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