Monday 17 February 2014

Adventure is mi Amoré

Okay I have to start by saying this. That spider I was talking about? That we stumbled upon in utter terror in the jungle at night? I did some research and it was the Brazilian Wandering spider. It is considered to be the MOST venomous spider in the world!!!!! Lol go figure. 2 arachnophobics find this thing. What can we expect hunting for species in the jungle at night though,.... Really.... Pfffft. I must say. Camping at home will never compare to camping at Tayrona. But at least I will know that these guys are not lurking near my tent. Lmao. My spine is tingling as I write this. But at least everything was balanced out by the sloth. He is by far the cutest species I have EVER seen in my life. I want to rescue them one day. Many of them. They are such loving, curious creatures. And unfortunately this gets them into trouble. Captive trouble. ;-( 
      Today we did our first dive ,......ever!!! Yayyyyy. It was the most amazing feeling. It is quite dangerous if you aren't totally zen about it. But if you are, it is a feeling of total freedom. The ability to do something humans can not. Breathe underwater. The deeper you get, the most you have to equalize, making for a strange crunchy orchestra in your ears. Snorkelling is fun and beautiful. But if ya really wanna get in there and crawl along the oceans floor, diving is the way to go. We were walking and sitting on the ocean floor like astronauts. I found some shells and saw tonnes of fish. Very many plant species. Some of which were a plant animal merge and acted quite quirky. You would turn around, see them, and turn back around again and they would be acting quite different. It was then I realized this was the little underwater shop of horrors and the plants weren't quite what they seemed. Hahaha we saw a sea turtle, but since this isn't the magical Galapagos, he was quite startled by us and didn't stick around for long.  The most amazing thing to me was how lost you can get. A few meters and your crew is gone, leaving you panicking and alone. But the watchful guide gave me the ol tap on the shoulder and signalled " that way" . A comforting experience. Because looking up not only distorted me directionally, but seemed a mile away. And if you go up too fast, you will blow your ears out. The weights on my belt, and my jacket decompressor made it much easier for this not to happen. Bubbles. Lots of bubbles. Thank you Nautilus Diving Center on the Taganga beach strip for an unforgettable day. You have fuelled me to get my liscence. But if I wanna spend my last days here seeing more of the northern Colombian coast, I will have to save that for future endeavours and get the heck outta Taganga. We are definitely at local status at this point. I love it, but it's time to move on. Thanks again to Hostal Graffitti for being absolutely wonderful hosts the second time around. We will never forget you. P.s. sorry about the sink lol 

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